Ethan is a former chef at Jack in the Box.

Tasked with creating a whole new breakfast item, Ethan comes up with "FlapJacks," pancakes made to resemble Jack's face. When he presents it to Jack, he is very happy and proud of his work. However, Jack expresses his discomfort with the concept of customers eating a facsimile of his face and instead suggests a grilled breakfast sandwich comprised of eggs, bacon, ham, and cheese on artisan bread, which disappoints and upsets Ethan. In a fit of rage, he defiantly cuts off a part of the FlapJacks and eats it over Jack's objections. He is immediately fired for this act of disobedience and is next seen with a box full of his kitchen equipment while sitting on a bench waiting for the bus. Ethan even told the story to an elderly woman as she asks, "You ate his face?!".