Brad Hailey

Brad Haley

Brad Haley is a character is the Jack in the Box Universe . He was seen in one of the companies most famous commercials titled The Visitor, in which he is accused of mocking Jack in the Box by calling it "Junk in the Box". He is visited by Jack Box himself, who comes to dispute the situation with him in person.

The VisitorEdit

Brad Haley is at home, presumably alone (as nobody else in the house responds to what is going on, implying that Haley is likely single and has no children), one evening. Suddenly, Jack Box knocks on his door, demanding that he open the door. Brad Haley, annoyed, comes to the door. When he sees Jack Box, as well as the camera man behind Jack (this commercial is portrayed by the media's viewpoint, meaning the presence of a camera is, unlike other commercials, actually known to the characters in this case), he asks if he has won something (like the lottery). Jack Box informs Haley that he has been reported calling Jack in the Box "Junk in the Box". When Haley asks what the deal is (by asking "So?"), Jack informs him that he takes insults to his company personally. Haley attempts to slam the door on Jack, yelling at him to "Get lost!", but Jack stops the door, asking him to try his food and apologize, promising to leave him in peace of he does so. As Jack says this, a man accompanying Jack (whom we never fully see on screen), hands Haley a takeout fast food bag of Jack in the Box food. Angrily, Haley shoves Jack, yelling "I said BEAT IT CLOWN!". Jack then pushes Haley back, entering his house, and continues to shove him against his living room wall, informing him on how hard his employees work to make the best food ever. Haley manages to escape himself from Jack and runs out the backyard to escape, with Jack and the camera man in pursuit. In his backyard, Jack tackles the man down to the ground, as the camera turns to some witnessing neighbors and their dog (all of their faces are blurred out). We turn back to Haley to see that his arm is being twisted behind his back, with Jack kneeling on his spine. Jack then forces Haley to try his food, first offering him a milkshake, to which Haley admits is tasty. He then tries a fry, admitting that it to is tasty. Finally, he tries one of Jack's burgers, also admitting that it is tasty. Haley apologizes to Jack as Jack lets him up off of the ground. Jack then apologizes for the grass stains from the take down, but when Haley asks "Really?", Jack replies "No".